2 Day Sales Mastery Program for Premium & Luxury Real Estate Sales Executives

At GrowthAspire, we pioneer in Real Estate Sales Team Effectiveness. With our proven programs, we have helped across industries sales teams to become better in understanding buyers and help them make decision.


25 July 2018 – 26 July 2018


09:00AM – 05:00PM





GrowthAspire is a Sales Effectiveness, Sales Coaching firm specialised in helping businesses grow their revenue by helping sales team effectiveness. We are inviting you to attend our upcoming 2 Days Sales Mastery Program for Premium and Luxury Real Estate Selling Workshop exclusively designed for Sales Executives. During this training, we will show exactly how to connect with your buyers and 2X your sales conversions of luxury and premium properties. 


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7 Guaranteed takeaways from the workshop

  1. Understand the luxury & premium property buyer needs in depth
  2. How to develop trust with your buyers so you can know their emotional needs
  3. 11 words which must not be used with luxury buyers
  4. How to do suggestive selling so buyers feel in control
  5. Understanding 7 types of home buyers
  6. Addressing common concerns of delivery dates, locality too far, discounts etc
  7. How to close sales and win more referrals

In this Sales Mastery system, we will cover key topics of:

How to understand clearly what premium to luxury home buyer looking for and how to develop conversations which will help sales guys get more trust and buyer will treat sales professional as advisor than seller.

7 modules to support sales executive 2X sales closure!


Understand & changing dynamics of Indian buyer’s behaviour

In this module you’ll learn exactly what is:

  1. Current situation & challenges for the developer as well as buyer
  2. Opportunities for the developer to create differentiations
  3. Understanding the buyers process of selecting property 
  4. Understand how different types of buyers select the property 



Master the art of knowing your Buyer

In this module you’ll learn exactly what is:

  1. Building rapport and engaging with your prospect for a conversation
  2. Knowing exactly the buyer's cycle
  3. Developing trust with prospect so that he is willing to share the deepest desires
  4. Right way to qualify the prospect


How to relate your property to buyer's exact wants

In this module you’ll learn exactly how to:

  1. Identify your prospects deepest desires and fears of buying home
  2. Tailor the presentation to different types of the prospects
  3. How to demonstrate the property in the right way (For pre-work projects, for under-construction projects, finished projects).
  4. Five ways to map the property features to benefits and ultimate results of buyers seeking
  5. Three mistakes to avoid while demonstrating the property 

   MODULE 4 

Handle objections effectively 

In this module you’ll learn exactly how to:

  1. Understand the real reasons prospect is raising objections or concerns
  2. How to adjust your body language to show genuine empathy to prospects concern
  3. Understanding the 7 common objections most luxury & premier property buyers have 

55 ways to isolate the objections and neutralise the same ways to isolate the objections and neutralise the same 

    MODULE 5 

Handling the Price 

In this module you’ll learn exactly how to:

  1. Influence the price to your prospect
  2. Help the buyers to make financials planning and address any financial concerns
  3. Price objections buyers generally make and how to neutralise in most effective way
  4. 4 words you must avoid while discussing the pricing 

    MODULE 6 

Closing of the sales

In this module you’ll learn :

  1. 10 different ways of asking important closing questions and qualifying the prospect
  2. How to handle responses like “I will think it over”, “Will get back”, “Consult my wife/father” etc 
  3. How to position some of the attractive offers to buyer
  4. Avoiding 3 crucial mistakes most sales executives make while closing

    MODULE 7 

Effective Follow-up

This module has everything you need to follow up great:

  1. Templates of follow-up systems
  2. Scripts and exact words to be used for e-mail, direct calling follow-up
  3. Building a great referral system to ensure successful referrals 

Each module of Real Estate Sales Mastery includes tools and templates, sales executives know EXACTLY how to qualify buyers, what to say and how to close better sales.

Plus, sales executives get the exact details of all the things one should need to do before they meet the buyer and after demonstrating the property so that buyer says YES!


The investment for the 2-day workshop is 20000 + GST, which gets you access to the 2 day program, complete material, templates, tools and 30 minutes coaching session post 30 days.

Special Bonus for First 10 Customers!

3 coaching session (Rs. 45000 Value)

In addition to sharing our best practices, We also want to make sure sales people successfully implement the proven sales process, strategies and tools. And that’s why we’re offering implementation support with 3 coaching sessions to 10 people to register. This willbe 30 minutes and we will work with you to understand your exact challenges and address with implementation support. This is aRs.45000 value available to the first 10 customers who sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is the Program Classroom Based?

Yes, the program is 2 days classroom-based session.

Who is this Program for?

The program is mainly developed for the sales executives, sales managers and sales heads and even marketing staff. Any company who want to improve their sales conversions and make their sales team more effective, this program is specially designed for them. The program is also useful for channel partners or agencies the companies has appointed.

What specifically sales professionals learn from this program?

Sales professionals will exactly learn following things : Develop skills in building rapport with buyers that encourages buyers to more openly and honestly share information about their needs, decision criteria, and other information critical to closing the sale.Developing a structured sales process for selling different types of propertyA better understanding of projecting an image of your brand to build better trustTake the critical attribute in your organization that every salesperson has in common – communication – and add a process, and structure for interacting with buyers and executing a “more perfect” sales callProvide a questioning strategy to more effectively uncover buyer needs and enable product positioning that is buyer-focused and trustworthyBe equipped with skills of understanding, presenting, objection handling to create a lasting impressionBe able to take specific action plans for immediate implementation

What makes the program different from other sales training programs?

The real estate sales mastery program is specifically designed for the premium and luxury real estate selling. The home buyer patterns are changing, and the premium and luxury home buyer behaviour is different normal affordable or economy home buyer. We have done research on buyer patterns and developed program exclusively for training professionals to sell premium and luxury buyers

Our property is yet to be launched? Will this program be helpful?

Very much. As your property is yet to be launched, it would be the perfect investment on your sales team to understand the buyers better and present the offer. Especially the program covers the topics related to how to handle customer queries for pre- launch projects

We are a small builder with only 10 apartments. Will this program be helpful?

Yes, our program is designed to help small builders.

Will this program be offered in future again?

Yes, we will make this program available again. But we will most likely do in the year 2019 Q1. If your team is already selling and you want to increase sales, it is best to enrol people for this program.

What are the deliverables?

We deliver worksheets, templates and relevant materials for the program. End of the program teams will be very clear on script on how to introduce company and product.We will also make sure some of the program is recorded and video content will be available

Will there be post implementation support?

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What People Say

“I’ve noticed that after attending the Krishna Program I am able to connect to the buyers better now and I’m now increasing the conversions. One single conversion of our property will more than pay for the course fee what Krishna charges. So it is no brainer to register and attend.”

Blank page 1
Rahul Veram

Sales Manager for the Luxury Property,

Sobha Developers

I’ve noticed that after attending the Krishna Program I am able to connect to the buyers better now and I’m now increasing the conversions. One single conversion of our property will more than pay for the course fee what Krishna charges. So it is no brainer to register and attend.

Blank page 2
Amit Chawla

Luxury Property Sales Executive, 

Century Builders

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