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  • A proven 4 part framework to create trust, authority on social platforms to get prospects attention. This things works for even to get CEO's on call.
  • A ready to use templates for quickly optimizing profiles and prospect map
  • How to search and build your ideal prospect database quickly
  • Perfect scripts to communicate over social platform and get your prospects to fix appointments. 
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social selling skills for b2b sales

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Ulitmate Guide for Social Selling 

B2B sales is changing. Prospecting which is one of the most critical and difficult part of sales is getting completely transformed from traditional ways due to penetration of the internet. Unless you are living under rock, you must be aware, if you are in B2B sales, cold calling is not working any more! 

Trying to send brochures, knocking the door of offices won't stopped giving results long back. Through networking, relations is something still works, but if you are in a business where revenue comes from new customers (most businesses are like this!), then you can't rely on networking, relationships!

What you need is powerful prospect machine which can get you the leads to follow up, make sales. We at GrowthAspire, have been working on this and have found success and also trained many sales people. We want to reach more people to benefit from this. If you are B2B sales professional, consultant or even entrepreneuer, Social Selling is not desired but is mandatory.  

Download the free report on Ultimate guide to Social Selling. In the report, you get to learn the secrets to master prospecting using social selling.

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Krishna G, Sales Trainer, B2B Sales Coach and Partner at GrowthAspire

25+ years of sales delivery, sales training and coaching.  

Have trained more than 8000+ sales professionals including sales leaders, managers, executives across industries such as Retail, Luxury Real Estate, Education, Capital Goods, FMCG, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals etc.  

I like to help sales professionals, independent consultant, business owners on how to generate more high paying prospects, and cllose the sales using latest sales tools and techniques.

Krishna Sales Coach GrowthAspire