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What you can't measure you can't manage

Program for Sales Managers to Double Field Force Productivity with Data Insights

Here Are the Details of the Sales Insights Program

  • What is this program? How to get insights from field sales force data and drive the sales team to perform better
  • Whom the program is? Program is for sales managers, area managers and territory managers who manage field force team
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Krishna G, Partner, Trainer , Sales Coach of GrowthAspire. (25 years sales delivery and training experience with 8000+ people trained so far) 
  • Why should We Take this Program? To ensure field sales managers not just focus on results but understand more what is driving results so they can help sales force better
  • What's it all about? A 2- Day Sales Data Insights Workshop. Full details below.

During This 2 Day Workshop, Participants will Learn:

  • How to map sales force efforts to results. The key to sales force success is in knowing what drives sales results and what is in control of sales people. This invariably maps to who are their high potenial customers, trends of products being sold and what effort, competency, skills required generate business from top customers 

  • Mapping the past data to future results. Most managers just review past sales data to find insights which is not effective. To drive future sales, sales activities data must be analyzed to get insights which provide key actions required to give results. 

  • Best Practices for conducting Effective Meetings Most sales meetings are about things which have happened. Instead to make effective meetings, sales managers must bring insights and use data to help sales force to know what can be improved in future. 

  • How to leverage technogy to drive sales. All actions do not result in equal results. Sales managers must know exactly which activities they should focus and how technology can help them. End of program sales managers understand how leverage technology such as CRM, Sales Force Automation.

Click the Button Contact Now to to get more details. Designed for the regional sales managers, terriotory sales managers of FMCG, Pharamceuticals, NBFC companies, B2B Companies.

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7 Key Benefits of the Program 

After participating in the workshop, participants will master on how to,

  • Converse with team & management using data insights beyond sales numbers  
  • Measure and analyze sales trends using proven tools  
  • Focus on sales activities (high potential customers, products) which are critical.  
  • Being focused on factors driving sales results and ability to track them
  • Becoming data driven and willingness to leverage technology  
  • Plan and forecast sales using process, design and data insights 
  • Manage team with a Praise OVER Discipline and conduct effective sales meetings  


7 modules to support Sales Managers to Manage their team with Insights

In this Sales Data Insights, we will cover key topics of: How to understand sales team performance based on various parameters and how to develop conversations that will help the sales executives perform at the next level.

Module 1 – Understand changing dynamics of today’s selling

Module 2 – Understand what drives great results using own data

Module 3 – Gaining Insights and Developing actions

Module 4 – Forecasting and planning tool

Module 5 – Developing a conversation with team using insights

Module 6 – Leveraging technology to drive sales

Module 7 - The power of execution - How to execute using data

How Program is delivered?

To ensure participants get best out of training, the program is a 

  • 2-day classroom-based workshop
  • Open binder handout shared for exercise 
  • A Case-study approach 
  • Max participants of 20 per batch.  

What Participants Say?

It was amazing time spent to get the knowledge in depth. The delivery and material provided is very useful.

Sushi Dixit, Business Manager, Varthan (An NBFC Company)

Assessment of FSO based on Sales, Product Trends, Trends, Markets, Number of Doctors Prescribing is very useful for analysing data.

Chetan Chouhan, Divisional Manager, Indoco Remedies

Program Feedback (From more that 200 participants)

Unlocking sales potential with sales force data

"When sales managers understand what drives sales with their own data, they unlock unlimited growth potential for your business.

GrowthAspire has been helping sales team meet their growth aspirations with selling skills, sales coaching and sales management across 20 different industries. 

In this workshop, we address the core issue of why sales managers needs to become better with their own sales data, develop key analytical skills so that they can start leveraging technology solutions and help field sales force with data insights to generate business. Like to talk to you

Krishna G - Partner, Trainer, Sales Coach, GrowthAspire

Krishna Sales Coach GrowthAspire

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