Sales Breakthrough Coaching 

Limited period offer!

Enrollment open from July 30th to Aug 6th


Have you been promoted? Or assigned new markets or heading a new product?


Then studies have shown first 90-120 days is critical to build momentum and create that leadership impact to get best results from your team.


But instead most sales leaders struggle during this period with overwhelm and feeling lonely at top with lack of support.


To make sure “You are off to a flying start in new role, or new launch”, I am offering a free session on How to make your first 90-120 days most effective such that it sets you on path for future success.


During this session, we will


=> Create a crystal-clear vision for the results that you want your team to produce, exceed the targets set by management, enter new markets all this without working overtime!    


=> Uncover hidden challenges that may be affecting your success with leadership, sales management and achieving superior targets     


=> You’ll leave the session renewed, re-energised and inspired to create a powerful results-driven team that gets things done so that you focus on coaching, executing new strategies and enjoying personal life. 


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Since we are making this offer for first time right now and we don't know how intense the response will be we can't guarantee a coaching session for everyone.


We will take as many   as we can and start a waiting list. 


You can expect to get contacted by our team to schedule your session in with in 3 business days.


Again to take advantage of this offer, simply click submit form now and answer few simple questions, so I can understand your situation better and make our call highly productive.


Be sure to also include your name, phone number and email address when you reply so that someone from our office can get back to you and schedule your session within the next 24 to 48 hours. ,    


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KRISHNA G, Partner, Sales Trainer, Coach

Experienced in sales delivery, sales training and consultancy over the past 25 years. 

Have trained more than 8000 participants and conducted several successful sales intervention programs across multiple industries including Retail, Luxury Real Estate, Education, Capital Goods, FMCG, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals etc. 

I like to help sales leaders in sales management, coaching and help them in their way of selling and customer approach.