Accelerate your field force sales results by improved sales management

Critical Issues Facing Feilds Sales Force:

  • Better alignment with your customers’ new buying patterns
  • Increased consistency in process and skills to identify “winnable” opportunities
  • Improved visibility into the pipeline and accuracy of the forecast
  • Strengthened dialogue skills  that uncover the client’s challenging issues
  • Expand existing relationships by reaching new decision makers

GrowthAspire’s Sales Management helps companies upgrade the quality of sales activities by improved sales force management practices 

Sales Performance of field force is based on three organizing principles:

  • Salespeople must combine sales process, Sales effort, and selling skills to be successful.
  • Salespeople need tools to apply in their work to support the adoption of the sales process & strategy.
  • Effective sales processes are defined by verifiable outcomes, at each stage that corresponds to customer buying behavior, not to sales rep behavior.

The Sales Management solution provides frameworks for:

  • Understanding customer environment,
  • Provide tools to focus on sales effort
  • Measure sales productivity.
  • Coaching to Sales Process, Deal Strategy, and Quality Customer Dialogues

Sales Management enables B2B sellers to identify more opportunities in their existing accounts and with prospects.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to increase their sales performance by:

  • Applying a buyer-focused approach to develop and expand relationships
  • Applying a consistent and repeatable sales process based on winning practices
  • Learning a method for evaluating the appropriate stage for each opportunity in the sales process
  • Identifying the appropriate points in the sales process for strategic decision making
  • Further developing dialogue skills in order to know what exactly customers want?
  • Defining what different stakeholders value and to tailor how you communicate value accordingly
  • Expanding existing relationships by reaching new decision makers
  • Utilizing tools that enhance the selling process and conversation skills

Stand-alone classroom

Exercises, Role Plays, Open Binder, Tools