Drive Sales Performance with the better sales process, improved strategy, and effective selling skills

Critical Issues in increasing sales performance:

  • Better alignment with your customers’ new buying patterns
  • Increased consistency in process and skills to identify “winnable” opportunities
  • Improved visibility into the sales pipeline and accuracy of the forecast
  • Strengthened selling skills  that understanding the client’s challenging issues
  • Deepen existing relationships by reaching new decision makers

GrowthAspire’s Sales Performance Program helps sales team acquire critical skills and mindset to accelerates business results 

GrowthAspire’s Sales Performance Program combines a best-in-class selling methodology with proven and powerful sales training to help businesses transform the way their sales force sells. Higher sales performance is based on three organizing principles:

  • Salespeople must combine sales process, better sales strategy, and excellent selling skills to be successful.
  • Salespeople need tools embedded in their work stream to support the adoption of sales process and strategy.
  • Effective sales processes are defined by leading indicators, or verifiable outcomes, at each stage corresponds to customer buying behavior, not to sales rep behavior.

The High Sales Performance program addresses the tougher and more competitive selling environment created by customers demanding more value, speed, and control of the process. The solution consists of five key components, They are:

  • Sales Process Consulting (which includes identification of verifiable outcomes)
  • High Sales Performance Selling Skills Diagnostic
  • Highly Interactive, Customized Training
  • CRM-embedded Tools
  • Coaching to Sales Process, Selling Strategy, and Quality Customer Conversations

The Sales  Performance Program is a powerful combination of sales methodology, training, and sustainment to accelerate necessary change leading to more consistent and higher levels of performance. It enables B2B sellers to identify more opportunities in their existing accounts and with prospects and provides the clear tactics and strategy to pursue and win competitive deals.

Upon completion of the engagement, participants will be able to increase their sales performance by:

  • Applying a client-focused approach to develop and expand client relationships, and increase your sales results
  • Applying a consistent and repeatable sales process based on winning practices to increase selling efficiency
  • Learning a method for evaluating the appropriate stage for each opportunity in the sales process
  • Further developing selling and influencing skills in order to uncover the client’s challenging issues and communicate the positive business impact your company’s solutions will have on these issues
  • Defining what different stakeholders value and to tailor how you communicate your company’s value accordingly
  • Expanding existing relationships by reaching new decision makers
  • Developing feedback and self-coaching skills in order to ensure ongoing development

Initial consultation followed with Stand-alone classroom, webinar

Exercises, Role Plays, Planners, books