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Engineering Services, Industrial Automation sales team development program

The Challenge: Price Competition with the very long sales cycle
Today when it comes to engineering products, industrial automation, sales teams face challenges right from taking appointments, lacking clear requirements, price negotiations,  long sales cycle, competition intensity, poor closing rates.

Among these challenges, the top 2 challenges we have heard many times is

  1. Customer not showing interest in my product features
  2.  Customer is bargaining for the price

Buying pattern: Buyer wants to be educated on the value 
In this era of free information, buyers across industries including capital goods buyers,  are well informed or act as if they are informed about the product or service you are providing. They will research, study well in advance product brochures, competitor price points, features, the latest advance in solutions.

In these cases, as sales executives providing information alone will not suffice as the buyer already has 80% of the information.

But, in spite of the buyer doing a lot of research and homework, what the buyer is looking for is an additional value he can get it from the product or service. He is expecting the sales executive or company to provide more and more value for the same or less price.  In addition, the buyer is on the constant lookout for education or learning about the product or service.

Solution: GrowthAspire’s “Sales Team Development Program”
We at GrowthAspire, have years of experience in helping engineering and capital goods selling companies to improve their sales conversion. We do this by helping sales teams develop key skills and provide tools & techniques and behavioral insights on knowing buyers’ key triggers. This knowledge will help sales executives to build trust with buyer, follow the process and learn the  key skills of articulating product or service benefits to customers,
Our programs are custom-designed, and we help capital goods sales executives acquire real skills to know that,

  • You have to separate the features and benefits and as sales executives learn to explain benefits
  • Become an expert about the product or service and start practicing consultative selling, such that you are helping the buyer to arrive at decision.
  • Develop skill sets to persuade the customer to take actions step by step
  • Customers need help in the decision, not information. Learn to address customers fears & aspirations
  • Develop Skills to handle key objections related to price, service, delivery, budget
  • Development initiative focus on making a successful team, work systematically for even better results

GrowthAspire, Industrial Engineering & Capital Goods sales team development program helps sales executives effectively execute their sales conversations

Our customized engineering & capital goods sales training programs take an in-depth look at the critical structure of a buyer’s journey. We diagnose the current sales team’s skill sets and identify gaps for achieving higher close ratios and provide a customized 100 days sales development program.

  • Dramatically improve the quality of sales calls by bringing organization-wide consistency and discipline to how sales calls are prepared for, structured, and executed
  • Drive revenue and business performance by helping increase close ratios across key customers and helping the team to be motivated.
  • A structured sales process for selling to different kinds of customers
  • A better understanding of their own product and how to communicate the benefits
  • Take the critical attribute in your organization that every salesperson has in common – communication – and add a consultative process, and structure for interacting with buyers and executing a “more perfect” sales call
  • Develop skills in building rapport with buyers that encourages buyers to more openly and honestly share information about their needs, decision criteria, and other information critical to closing the sale.
  • Provide a questioning strategy to more effectively uncover buyer needs and enable product positioning that is buyer-focused
  • Be  equipped with skills of understanding, presenting, objection handling to create a lasting impression
  • Be able to take specific action plans for immediate implementation

GrowthAspire Engineering & Capital Goods Sales Team Development Program is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced salespeople, their managers, and executive management

GrowthAspire Engineering & Capital Goods Sales Development Program is part of “Grow Revenue in 100 Days” DIGTS model. Training will be 2-day classroom delivery followed by weekly review and coaching sessions for 6-12 weeks; a wide variety of support materials to embed and sustain learning will be provided.

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