Sales training program India

Result Oriented Sales Training Program in India

Majority of the sales training programs though delivered effectively do not bring tangible results because they don’t address the real needs of the business.

In sales mere learning of skills is not sufficient. Our study shows, most training programs fail to produce results due to,

  • Trying to fix the wrong problem
  • Little preparation by the participant on the learning journey. Ex, Many participants do not know what or why they want to learn?
  • Not starting the initiative with the end in mind
  • Only learning heads or Sr. managers are involved in training design
  • No clear award or reward system
  • No defined process to know if  the change is happening or not
  • Too many priorities for the sales team.
  • Only knowledge and skill part addressed, not the salespeople mindset

We at GrowthAspire understand this very well. Hence we ensure that each team member is part of the program from the beginning and our deep dive assessments bring out clearly the development needs of the team.

Sales training larger goal is driving higher revenues. To achieve this we ensure to customize the content of our core sales training curriculum with customer strategies, sales challenges, and tools. Customization allows for application during the training and contributes greatly to ROI.

Our customized training ensure team realizes drive quick wins and using coaching we help sustainable performance improvement. To know more click here.

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