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Consistently managing sales performance is the most challenging aspect of any business. Technology at best helps the process but sales success is still driven by the sales force’s ability to master the perfect way of a sales conversation, articulating the value of solutions, exhibiting daily winning behaviors, and having a champion mindset.

The problem is, that most salespeople lack the necessary skills or confidence to initiate conversations with prospects who are at different levels of buying cycle and turn them into customers.

Sales teams must acquire the right competence to diagnose the buyer’s situation & discover obstacles being faced to achieve their vision and offer the right solutions.

Businesses that achieve growth and sales performance with sales growth from sales force effectiveness, achieve as a result of sustained skills and competence development. 1-2 days of standalone training alone cannot build the desired long-term changes in the sales team.

Hence many companies, despite investing significant time & money, fail to get the desired results. This is where we help our partners.

At GrowAspire, we partner with the sales team to develop a solution that drives sales force effectiveness increasing sales performance. 

Our program is designed with the following premises,

  • Attention to individual needs is the key to any successful development
  • Every sales member has the capability to produce the desired results
  • Provided the right tools, every sales member can produce the results
  • Sustenance of the behavior change is the key to success
  • Coaching provides the mechanism for change and helps scale new heights

Combining our deep domain experience in behavioral science-based training and coaching, we have developed a DIGTS model that makes success inevitable.

Sales effectiveness program

GrowthAspire 5 Step DIGTS Sales force effectiveness and coaching model. DIGTS is a 5 step Model that is not limited to skill enhancement or training but it is a comprehensive result-oriented intervention program. The 5 steps are,

  • Diagnosis – Study the current situation
  • Insights – Build insights into what is causing lesser results and what is needed to achieve performance
  • Goal Setting – Set a Widely Important Goal for outcomes at the business & individual levels so they are challenged and motivated for the initiative.
  • Training – Customized training to develop the competency required to achieve the Goal
  • Sustenance – Reviews, Feedback sessions & Sales coaching to ensure changes happen.

Let us help your sales team achieve their growth aspirations

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Sales Effectiveness Solutions by GrowthAspire deliver proven content, deep customization, and expert perspective to help you meet your exact development needs.
GrowthAspire’s customized solutions helps leaders prepare their organizations to execute sales strategies and achieve business objectives.
At GrowthAspire, with our coaching skills seek to partner with you to develop solutions that help change behaviors, enhance the effectiveness of your sales organization.

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