Selling innovative technology solutions to other businesses and enterprises involve complex sales processes.

Common challenges faced in selling to enterprises are,

  1. Enterprise buying involves many stakeholders with different buying powers as well as buying intentions.
  2. Enterprise buying involves a complex buying process with many stages of evaluation.
  3. The enterprise buying cycle generally is very long
  4. Contrary to popular belief, there will be higher resistance to accept innovative solutions in most enterprises.
  5. There will be competition as most enterprise buyers want to shortlist among multiple vendors.

At GrowthAspire we understand the challenges in selling to enterprises, so we help you develop an Enterprise Sales Playbook.

GrowthAspire Enterprise Sales Playbook

Sales tools

Optimizing the enterprise selling journey is a key requirement and sales tools help. GrowthAspire helps you develop these sales tools to ensure that your sales team has consistency in all the sales conversations.

Some of the sample sales tools are,

  • Prospect Mapping
  • Defining Value Proposition
  • Lead Qualification
  • Identifying key differentiators
  • Developing negotiation tools

Defined Sales Process | Sales Funnel

Have a well-defined process is as good as 50% of won. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t realize the benefit of the sales process, instead, they follow the buying process dictated by the enterprise buyer.

At the GrowthAspire, we help you define a well-defined process that is appropriate for business and provide each stage tools & scripts to track and measure.

Defining Sales Process & Sales Funnel Optimization

Written Sales Scripts

Most businesses don’t have clear sales scripts and salespeople just wing it in front of customers. GrowthAspire helps you overcome this by creating sales scripts that can be relied upon during sales situations.

The sample scripts will be for the following cases

  • Appointment Generation
  • Introduction Script
  • Rapport Building Script
  • Probing Questions
  • Sales Presentation Script
  • Benefits & Value Script
  • Objections Handling Script
  • Closing Script
  • E-mail Intro Script
  • Follow-up Scripts
  • LinkedIn Messaging Scripts

Appointment Generation

Generating appointments is key to keep the sales team busy. Whether your sales team is of field force or inside sales team, we can help you generate consistent appointments from LinkedIn, E-Mail using our outbound prospecting program.

We help you get leads from the multiple digital channels with lowest cost per acquisition.

Scale Blueprint to Generate B2B Leads

Develop customer Insights

Getting the attention of today’s enterprise buyers is a challenge. Sharing insights is one of the powerful ways to get buyer attention. Insight is not about your soln. but it is about your customer problems, industry challenges.

At GrowthAspire, we have proven frameworks using storytelling concepts which helps develops insights to get buyer attention.

The result-oriented – engagement model

For B2B startups, GrowthAspire offers a unique 8-12 week coaching model which includes online sales training, weekly coaching calls, and implementation support.

End of our engagement, you will have ready to apply the B2B Sales Playbook that assures you of consistent sales results.

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