Sales effectiveness, Training,  Performance Coaching to deliver sustained results

From our position as a sales transformation firm, we provide sales effectiveness solutions and sales training in India to increase sales performance. As part of identifyng the sales challenges, we regularly interview several top stakeholders of clients companies  to understand needs, challenges, and understand the areas of development to create effective sales training programs in India.

Our methodology for acquiring and analyzing the information gives us valuable insight, trends, and development needs organization are looking for.  We follow a  customized Sales effectiveness in 100 Days model to help sales team drive revenue. Our sales training programs are tailored to suit the industry and customer needs. Our approach for any in company-specific program is,

  • Involve the team to explain the challenge they are facing and target they want to achieve
  • Co-create a solution which addresses the current challenge and helps bridge the skill gap
  • Engage with team for sales training program sessions, workshops and skill development
  • Coaching and feedback sessions to ensure that accountability exists in meeting goals
  • Sustain and build a strong leadership team to ensure that team sustain the success for years to come

Consultative Selling

Consultative Selling Skills provides a powerful roadmap for a successful need-based dialogue.

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High Performance

High Performance Selling drives results through sales process, deal strategy, and dialogue skills training.

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Sales Negotiation

GrowthAspires’s Sales Negotiation Training helps develop the skills needed to negotiate win-win opportunities.

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Selling With Insights

Provides sellers with advanced-level skills that give them insights they need to dominate in today’s hyper-competitive selling atmosphere

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Executive Coaching

Sales executive coaching program
transforms the traditional role of a sales manager.

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Sales Training in India

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