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The Challenge: Sales team is focused on price and not able to offer differtiating services
Logistics is one of core service industry for any country. There has been lot of innovation around logistic services, but at the same time today there are many companies are entering the market. In this high demand but high competition market, what most sales team face challenge is how to create unique differentiators to buyers and sell on value then just service.

The challenge also is Sales teams with short-term focus are driven towards achieving targets than market share and do not explore strategic thinking required to excel in current markets.

Buying pattern: Buyers want insights and customized solutions advise from the sales team
In this age of extreme competition, the buyers want the sales team from companies to be aware of their challenges and show empathy. Buyers do not want to switch logistic services providers and prefer to retain who can assure them of quality service. It is in the interest of sales executive to help buyers understand their service benefits and why working with them helps them peace of mind.

The traditional process of just giving offers,  discounts, comparing with other competitor services are not evoking a much positive response. The sales executive must clearly articulate to buyers his company’s service quality, new innovation and potential cost savings so that the clients can see ROI.

Solution: GrowthAspire’s “Logistics Sales Service & Development Program”
We at GrowthAspire, have experience in helping logistic businesses to sell small businesses as well as acquire large OEM’s. & We help the sales team to improve their reach and gain market share. We do this by helping sales teams develop key skills and provide tools & techniques and behavioral insights on knowing customer aspirations and fears. This knowledge will help sales executives to build trust with channel partners, retailers.

Our programs are custom designed, and we help sales executives to acquire real skills to know that,

  • You have to connect with customer emotions and understand role and responsibilities in a wider perspective.
  • Get clarity on How and Where the “results” come from.
  • Understand how the efforts are mapped to results and what is the right effort for the manager, field staff.
  • Understanding the skills of coaching and motivating field force staff
  • Development initiative with a focus towards making a successful team, work systematically for even better results

GrowthAspire, Logistics sales training & development program helps sales managers to get more productivity from their teams

Our Logistics sales training programs take an in-depth look at the critical structure of a sales team. We diagnose the current sales teams skill sets and identify gaps for achieving higher productivity and provide customized 100 days sales development program.

  • Dramatically improve the sales productivity, by bringing organization-wide consistency and discipline to how sales calls are prepared for, structured, and executed
  • Helps managers to analyze their team performance and guide them in systematic approach
  • A structured sales process and approach for getting consistent results
  • Increased ability to sales forecasting for short term and long term results
  • Simple tools to motivate the team
  • Develop effective sales coaching skills to get more results and reduce field staff attrtion
  • Be  equipped with skills of understanding, presenting, objection handling to create a lasting impression
  • Be able to take specific action plans for immediate implementation

GrowthAspire Logistics Sales Training & Development Program is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced salespeople, their managers, and executive management

GrowthAspire FMCG Sales Training & Development Program is part of “Grow Revenue in 100 Days” DIGTS model. Training will be 2-day classroom delivery followed by weekly review and coaching sessions for 6-12 weeks; a wide variety of relevant books and support material provided to sustain learning.

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