Start driving sales revenue by optimizing the sales process

Are you planning to adopt Sales CRM or already using Sales CRM solution and not realizing the ROI, then we can help you.

Most technology vendors sell you Sales CRM as tools but fail to help you on how to leverage the sales CRM and drive sales revenue.

Without a solid sales pipeline understanding and sales process implemented, most Sales CRM implementations will not give the desired ROI

From our position as a sales transformation firm we clearly understand what is required for the sales team to start leveraging technology to improve sales.

Adopting CRM in a company requires the right orientation for the complete sales team and developing a culture of following a sales process and developing a tailormade sales pipeline and following the same.

At GrowthAspire, we have identified 3 core areas, organizations must equip the sales team to maximize the returns on sales CRM investments.

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GrowthAspire Sales Process Implementation Strategy
  • Defining a sales process: Having a well-defined sales process with a clear pipeline stage is a must. Frankly, the sales process is weakest link among most salespeople and sales teams. Very few likes to follow or know the importance of this. Research shows only 40% salespeople know the sales process and the difference in sales performance can be as high as 850% b/w the one who follows the sales process vs. the one who doesn’t follow!
  • Sales Data Analysis skills: The key to sales success is in knowing what drives sales results and what is in control of salespeople. Understanding insights from efforts and mapping the same to plans, forecasts require sales managers to have data analysis skills to do this. This is a skill that is becoming increasingly important. Most sales teams lack sales analytics skills to get insights from their own data and drive actions.
  • Behavior: To utilize the latest tools, what finally required will be a willingness to learn and implement. Many times, sales teams stumble here as they cannot overcome their old ways of working. We use the coaching principles to encourage team members to adopt the new behavior required for using Sales CRM.
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OMG Survey Report on Sales Process

Helping the sales team leverage technology to drive sales

Our sales process consultancy helps your leadership team, sales managers and sales force to align on new ways of driving sales revenue by becoming process-oriented.

We help everyone to understand how to leverage sales technology in their work area and start driving sales revenue.

To Implement Your Sales Process & Sales CRM Strategy

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