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Story telling for B2B Sales

Maximize your sales effectiveness using storytelling

Storytelling is becoming a buzz word across the sales community. Marketing, branding always relied on storytelling but now it is becoming imperative for the sales team to use storytelling engage the buyers.

The reason is quite simple, attention is the scarcest resource now. Earlier as a salesperson, you had all the information with you and the buyer was attentive to know details from you. You could show facts, numbers and he was keen to gather those details to arrive at a decision.

But today you don’t have that luxury. With the internet, most buyers do all the research and gather information and salesperson who just want to focus on facts, numbers, cannot engage with the buyers.

If you cannot engage with buyers, you won’t be able to build trust and capture the buyer needs.

There comes the need for storytelling. It has been proven beyond doubts and everyone experience itself shows if there is one thing anyone gets hooked to is when someone narrates a story. Storytelling has that element of raising emotions which helps the opposite person to become attentive!

Common challenges with B2B Selling

Getting buyers attention, being authentic and connecting to the emotion sides of the buyer. 

Stories help people to apply deductive logic themselves instead of salesperson doing. Helping someone to self-discovery is the best form of the persuasion
Stories are such that it makes the listener immerse himself and inhibit objections.
Stories generally evoke emotions which creates a stronger belief in the brand, sales person, product or company.

GrowthAspire B2B Sales Storytelling workshop Key Takeaways

GrowthAspire storytelling training equips B2B sales team on why and how stories must be used in their sales process, provides the framework to build personal stories, product stories and success stories which can be leveraged during sales process.

  • Building Empathy – You will find your salespeople connect with prospects in the most authentic way
  • Ability to clarify the essence of the brand/product/purpose
  • Having a set of story bank to rely on for difficult selling situations
  • Identifying the prospects of emotional needs in a better way
  • Creating presentations which connect the audience emotionally
  • Closing every conversation effectively in order to move the deal forward
  • Overall make inside sales job more interesting and lively
  • Positioning the brand/product/ as premium and not being commoditized
  • Improve the quality of sales calls by building better connections with audience
  • Overall improving on how sales calls are prepared, structured, and executed
  • Drive revenue and business performance by helping increase close ratios
  • Understand how our brain works and why story is critical.
  • Understand the psychological aspect of getting attention from buyers
  • How to use data to identify the audience’s specific emotional needs
  • How to use personal, business, product success and failures and building a story with powerful narrative
  • Identifying the key touchpoints in buyers journey and leaving impresseions for audience to respond
  • Bringing the best of business from R&D, Delivery, Customer Service success to sales people.

The program is highly customized to client business. Applicable for business owners,  from new to experienced salespeople, their managers, and executive management

 Training will be 1 day classroom workshop delivery followed with 4 coachings sessions for sustainence; wide variety of support materials in order to sustain learning are made available.

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