28 Aug 2023

Boost your business case with Generative AI

Generative AI For Business Team

After bursting on the scene late last year, ChatGPT reached its first million users in just five days.

Since then, AI has become de rigueur for marketing, sales & HR departments worldwide.

Now, if you aren’t using generative AI – or still thinking about using generative AI – you run the risk of being left behind. 

 According to the report, 75% of B2B marketing leaders say they are likely to use or continue using it in the next year. This coupled with the fact that we’ve seen a significant increase in the term “AI” being included in job descriptions on LinkedIn, indicates there is great–and growing–enthusiasm for generative AI.
LinkedIn Report

5 Ways Top Businesses Using Generative AI For

A recent report from LinkedIn points pinpoints top five ways marketers, sellers are using generative AI:

  1. Increase efficiency so I can focus on higher-value work – By eliminating repetitive work (58%)
  2. Generate more content in less time and improve productivity (57%)
  3. Create optimized and engaging content that resonates with the target audience and leads to better customer engagement (53%)
  4. Build more creative campaigns using LinkedIn/E-mail and other mediums (41%)
  5. Gain a competitive advantage by getting better market data, and insights (35%)

Join The Generative AI Movement

Right now, the possibilities of generative AI look limitless.

What once seemed impossible is now possible – and can be done in 5 minutes flat.

Businesses across the globe are investing and the value of AI is expected to grow twentyfold by 2030, up to nearly $2 trillion.

It’s a brave new world and every department from marketing, sales, and HR is now compelled but also excited to explore the potential of AI.

And they are just getting started. 

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