Participants Testimonials

Genuinely one of the best workshops/Training I’ve attended so far with respect to KAM. It was interactive, directional and easily adaptable. I really enjoyed the whole session.

Dinesh Singh, Territory Account Manager, Zebra Technologies

Interactive, exchange of ideas, reinforcing certain facts and well-structured content. Also, a follow-up plan, as well as support in real life cases, is appreciable.

Ajay Mishra, Head North & East India, Bangladesh Zebra Technologies

I am very happy & lucky to have the part of the very interactive session of Mr Krishna ( The Practical Management Guru ). Nothing to the comment about session but l have learned a lots which will be helps my career growth.

Bihudatta Mahapatra, BDM, Varthana

My learning on the sessions are both confirmatory and new learning. It confirmed that majority of what we are doing are in line, some needs to add some more efforts (Introductions, Preparation, Asking Questions, Listening, NFB, emotional selling) which was given focus and highlighted. New Learnings on Linkedln and how to use it to our advantage, how to manage Virtual Meetings and useful points where we can apply in other social media platforms, which plays a major role in the business at present.

Rico, Sales Manager, JJ LAPP, Philippines

Good pm Krishna. About my learning experience- I have acquired essential points and ideas that if practiced, I know would enhance further my selling skills. Thank you very much!

Joel, Sales Manager, JJ LAPP, Philippines

The training was logically sequenced; each session builds on the previous one, which made learning a more seamless experience. I appreciate the exercises and the prompt and clear feedback given afterwards. The examples given were practical.

Darwin, JJ LAPP, Philippines