Inside Sales Challenges Part 2 : Measure and Track 1

In our last blog post, we started a discussion about the biggest inside sales challenges and discussed lead generation. In part 2 we are going to discuss other big challenges that make every sales manager scratch their head – Measure and Track Sales Process. after doing thorough research developed the 14 Magic Sales Metrics that the most successful sales managers and sales teams track. These sales analytics have been broken down into three distinct categories – sales activity metrics, sales pipeline management metrics and sales results metrics.

These categories can be describe as a sales funnel from top to bottom and further activities.

Sales Activity Metric

1.Call to connect 
2. Connect for opportunity
3. Opportunity to deal
4. Call to deal

Above mention activity requires ideal prospect profiling, and sales script which is well crafted to tackle below mention situation

  • Capturing attention
  • Communicating differentiation in the opening
  • Exuding energy and enthusiasm
  • A focused efficient 20 second impact
  • Avoiding sabotage at the start

Pipeline Management

5. Pipeline stage conversions
6. Average days per stage for won vs Lost opportunity
7. Inflow/outflow of opportunity
8. Q-Q pipeline growth
9. Pipeline coverage ratio

Pipeline management comes into tracking the process and to understand what is more important for sales effectiveness. In our other blog post we already discussed

Sales Result

10. Quota attainment
11. Q-Q sales growth vs pipeline growth
12. Average deal size
13. Sales cycle
14. Forecast accuracy

These are high end and macro level metrics to overlook the overall efficiency and success of sales team.

These might appear easy but to ace these process the sales team need a proper training and mentoring and need to completely understand the each process’s value and reason behind it.

In our 2-Day Workshop to Create Sustainable Client Surge, we train sales professionals about inside sales challenges and how to overcome these challenges. This include
– The various Approaches for Outgoing Calls
– Sustaining Interest
– Handling the initial resistance
– Engaging the prospect and exploring the need 
– Closing technique
– Individual action plan 


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