20 Aug 2022

New Partnership Announcement: GrowthAspire & Slintel (a 6Sense Company)

GrowthAspire is glad to announce the partnership with Slintel (a 6Sense company) the best Go-to-Market (GTM) Intelligence Software to fill the pipeline with qualified leads for meetings booked.

What to look forwards to in this partnership?

GrowthAspire and Slintel share a common goal of providing technology and enablement solutions for organizations to achieve their sales goals. Therefore, through this partnership, both GrowthAspire and Slintel will have opportunities to reach out to more customers who are in their time of need to grow their pipeline, expand to new markets and serve more clients.

With Slintel Sales Intelligence Software & GrowthAspire Programs on How to Build and Scale Inside Sales Teams To build the Pipeline, we are now in a perfect position to provide businesses that are looking for sales growth by acquiring new clients.

About Slintel (a 6Sense company)

Slintel, a 6sense company, is a sales intelligence software leader in capturing technographic-powered buying intent, helps companies uncover the 3% of active buyers in their target market.

With its intelligence software, it helps users evaluate over 100 billion data points and analyzes factors such as buyer journeys, technology adoption patterns, and other digital footprints to deliver market & sales intelligence.

This helps to reach the right audience, 4X meetings booked rates, and 2X win rates.

About GrowthAspire

Growthaspire is India’s leading sales enablement company serving business and sales teams to meet their sales growth aspirations by leveraging the right set of sales tools, technology, and competency.

GrowthAspire helps businesses achieve this by applying their deep expertise in serving across 20+ industries and equips sales teams in a way of selling that 3X building pipeline with qualified meetings, 2x the sales conversions, and gaining more business from existing accounts all in less than 100 days.


To get more details on 6Sense & GrowthAspire combined services to 4X meeting booked rates and 2X win rates in less than 90 days with lowest investment and effort,