Creating a Culture of High Sales Performance

World over the successful companies and sales leaders realize the importance of sales coaching to improve sales performance, maximizing sales team productivity and achieving revenue growth.

Fortune 500 companies relying on Sales coaching 92%
Win rates if coached for 1 hrs per week 52%
5% shift in productivity increases the revenue yield by 70%

GrowthAspire Sales Coaching skills & Development

Studies have shown 90% of sales teams do not achieve desired success in spite of having clear goals, necessary skills, and action plans.

The primary reason for this failure is, the salesperson does not have the necessary support skills to help them address the barriers they face while working towards the success.

At GrowthAspire, having worked with 1000’s of salesperson and 100’s of teams we realize clearly what is holding the individual’s to excel.

We believe that, by providing the right support, tools, techniques, and a clear-cut process, every individual will succeed.

The three pillars of our High-Performance Sales Coaching model include:

Partner Mindset

  • During our association, we seek to think and behave like we are heading your sales team so that we get a 360-degree view of the overall sales.
  • We consider our duty to challenge your thinking, when necessary and push you at times out of your comfort zone to get the performance.
  • We bring with us various tools and techniques to help you get maximum results.

Focus on Individual Success 

  • We are clear that every individual who wants to succeed, given the right tools and techniques and necessary coaching, will ultimately start and exceed the performance.
  • We focus at the individual level to get desired team performance.

Feedback based learning & mastering inner game

  • We strive to gain a thorough understanding of what is happening on the front lines by working with salespeople on the field or during customer visits.
  • Also, we coach we understand what skills your people have or need, and include what might be getting in their way.
  • Finally, we provide the necessary support in mastering the sales attitude required to achieve the success.

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