16 Aug 2021

10 traits to practicing professional sales

Why is type of selling required for B2B?

Most people relate to sales based on everyday sales they have experience in their lives. Undoubtedly, every day we do many transactions of giving & take or buy and sell, but are these transactions really the same when it comes to doing sales with businesses and enterprises?

Do these everyday sales help us in selling innovative solutions, engaging multiple stakeholders, making decisions to invest in long-term relations? Unfortunately, no.

If you are serving B2B Clients and want to influence many stakeholders, you need a different approach to selling versus what is practiced or experienced in everyday sales.

What is professional way of selling?

Bringing about purchase where none would have happened

Creating a desire to buy in the prospect

Finding solutions for win-win and building long-lasting relationship

What is not professional way of selling?

Order taking – Serving to active buyers who have understood needs

High-pressure selling -Persuading the sale to buyer’s who aren’t ready

Closing sales with a win-lose position and not bothered about the relation

10 Traits of Professional Selling

Sell an idea

Every buyer unique

Connect to the buyer’s feelings

Quality or Price by itself is not a factor for sale

Inner conviction about the product, company

Following process and methods

Objections are part of every sale

A few words can make or break sales.

Understanding the power of habits

Winning argument doesn’t result in sales

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