Make sales leaders sales champions with sales coaching

Transform sales manager to become a sales champion with sales coaching program

Key challenges faced by sales managers

  • Traditional manager role of motivating and incentivizing field staff are not helping to retain the sales force
  • Attrition is highest in field staff
  • Sales managers lack the tools & techniques influencing field staff in a positive way
  • Lacks time for implementing any long-term strategy as mostly busy with micromanagement of team members day to day issues.

Lead your team to success with GrowthAspire Sales coaching training

It is proven that in sales, coaching is the most effective form to help field staff to get the results. Even the best of the sales staff time to time face self-doubt, lack confidence, constant rejections causing them to underperform in getting sales results.

GrowthAspire Sales Coaching Program transforms the role of a sales manager from being a manager or typical boss to being a coach. The key benefits of the coaching training are,

  1. Sales managers will be able to develop team members to solve problems by themselves
  2. Deliver superior performance by helping team members discover their hidden potential
  3. Create a culture of learning and positive feedback
  4. More open culture to fail fast and learn
  5. More time for managers to focus on long-term strategies.
  • Learn a Performance Sales Coaching Framework to set clear Goals, ability to  know the reality,  overcome assumptions and instead probe for perceptions and needs, uncover obstacles, create a solution, and close
  • Create a culture that welcomes and thrives on premise that every individual has innate ability to perform provided they have right tools, techniques, and regular feedback mechanism.
  • Reposition the value of sales managers – from mere taskmasters to valued resources who “empower & develop” vs. “direct & tell” and foster powerful, incremental behavioral change

Our Sales Coaching Solutions & Programs are suitable for senior executives, senior managers but can be highly customized to any level, from new to experienced sales managers.

Our coaching program is part of our “100 days Drive Revenue” program. It is also available through 2-day classroom delivery followed by one-on-one coaching, or webinar series for group coaching;