GrowthAspire’s Sales Negotiation Training helps sales managers develop the skills needed to negotiate win-win

GrowthAspire’s Sales Negotiation Training Provides the  clear Roadmap with the necessary Skills to Negotiate Win-win Deals and Strengthen Long-term Relationships

Sales Negotiation is a critical skill that helps,

  • Sales productivity by raising the quality of negotiation with  your client
  • Discover an effective way to understand the client’s full range of terms and conditions
  • Clients to understand the clear value of your solution
  • Resolve pricing objections and resistance without conceding your position but still ensuring client needs are being addressed.
  • Understand procurement drivers and strategies in order to work more effectively with strategic purchasers

The sales manager who lacks negotiation skills ends up failing to close sales or leave money off the table and fails to build long-term relationships with clients.

GrowthAspire’s Strategic Sales Negotiation Training Programs provide the necessary process, skills, and tools to negotiate win-win deals, strengthen long-term relationships, and avoid leaving money on the table.

Key Benefits of Our Program

  • Structuring the dialogue from preparation through the close of sales
  • Increase skills and help see the negotiation strategically
  • Understanding the demands and converting them to actual needs
  • Learn to probe to understand what is driving clients priorities & his agenda
  • Ability to create win-win situations by creating compelling solutions without giving any concessions
  • Build more profitable and healthy client relationships
  • Develop trust and client loyalty while strengthening your position to win future opportunities
  • Learn to provide value and collect the fees that have been traditionally left on the table
  • Avoid pressure to discount fees, especially in a difficult economy
  • Use a common Negotiating Framework and skills to prepare for, lead, and close win-win negotiation dialogues at every stage of the sales process
  • Gain an understanding of the differences between selling and negotiating and maximize the potential of each
  • Improve effectiveness at handling price resistance and objections
  • Creatively convert client demands into needs
  • More effectively position your value and persuade a client that it is worthwhile to make concessions
  • Close a negotiation in a way that maintains momentum, solidifies what has been accomplished, and paves the way for a smooth and successful project implementation

Like many of our sales training programs, content for negotiation training is highly customized to any level, from new to experienced salespeople, their managers, and executive management.

Negotiation training is generally part of our 100-day program package but also available through 1-day classroom delivery, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of relevant books and support materials to embed and sustain learning are also available.

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