Meet your customers unrecognized need with selling with insights

Critical Issues Facing Sales Reps:

  • Unable to differentiate from competitors and creating value in their selling efforts
  • Not bringing expertise and thereby failing to provide deep insights into customer conversations
  • Not engaging customer in advance  and sensing emerging needs

Sell More Effectively by Selling with Insights 

GrowthAspires’s, sales training company in Bangalore, has core program developed to provide sellers with advanced-level skills that allow them to know when and how to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers.

In certain industries, buyers want to be in control of the buying process. When they meet salespeople, they have done all the research and ready with what solution they want. A salesperson who meets such buyers has very less value to add and the conversation just revolves around pricing!

To avoid this, our program helps sales reps to understand in-depth the customer core needs much in advance and engage with the customer to develop solutions.

Sales reps start to think like a business executive and connect their capabilities to the customer’s high-level business issues, by identifying potential blind spots in the customer’s thinking where they can provide insight, and create value for the buyer.

This program develops sales reps ability to become the point of differentiation and bring relevant insights and ideas to create value in the buying experience rather than just in the solution the seller delivers.

The GrowthAspire Selling with Insights Program will help your sales team members to:

  • Help understand core capabilities of the clients and ability to help clients
  • Develop customer empathy to know deeper needs of customer.
  • Focus on research and differentiate by bringing personal value to the client’s buying experience
  • With deep insights of clients needs, generate interest in the seller’s capabilities
  • Influence decision criteria to align with the seller’s distinct competitive advantage

Industries which can benefit from Selling with Insights

  •       Consulting Companies
  •       Software Product or Services Company
  •       Financial Services & Wealth management companies
  •       Medical device companies
  •       Precision  Equipment makers

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